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    Electronic calculators are smaller than average portable devices used to perform simple and easy complex math operations. These affordable pocket-sized devices have become easily obtainable in the '70s and in the end evolved into special-purpose calculators. A case in point would be the scientific calculator, which often can perform trigonometric and statistical calculations. Another one is the graphing calculator, which, because the name implies, can be used graph functions.

    Modern electronic calculators, usually, include a keyboard with several buttons for digits and arithmetical operations including a brand, containing the scanning and encoder units, the x and y and flag register the permanent memory (ROM), the person memory (RAM), the arithmetic logic unit (ALU), as well as decoder unit. Beyond the traditional calculator keyboard, other electronic calculators also contain '00′ and '000′ buttons for easier number input. Also, many calculators assign simply a single digit or operation per button, other calculators is capable of doing multi-function calculations using a little single button. Along with host to vacuum fluorescent displays, which has been employed in earlier calculator types, modern calculators now make full use of live view screen (LCD) output. In a very basic calculator, seven segments are widely-used while in the display to represent each digit. Fractions are now able to even be displayed as mixed numbers or as vulgar fractions, in addition to their decimal approximations. Modern electronic calculators are usually effective at storing numbers into its memory. While basic calculators are only able to store one number at the same time, others can store several numbers immediately with the use of variables, which can also be found in the building of math. Apart from these, some calculator models have extendable memory capacity, called the array index, for storing more numbers. Furthermore, calculators are powered by either a battery or maybe a solar cell.

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