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Routers  — Comprar Routers, Precio de , Fotos de Routers, de Eurolink Group, Empresa. Enrutadores en Allbiz El Salvador
    Routers  — Comprar Routers, Precio de , Fotos de Routers, de Eurolink Group, Empresa. Enrutadores en Allbiz El Salvador
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    In today's world of advancing technology, there is a plethora of wireless capable devices. You can use a router to gain high speed internet access with your laptops, tablets, and cell phones. A wireless router functions as a router and acts not only as a network switch (multiple connection ports), but also as a wireless access point. There can be somebody on your desktop, another on a tablet, and someone else with a gaming device and all can be connected to a router and using the same internet provider. Depending on which router model you have selected it can be a wireless only local area network (WLAN) or local area network (LAN). There are also combined wireless networks available. When you have a wireless router in your home you can allow as many devices to connect that are permitted by your router.

    You can not only block access for any intruding devices by putting a password lock on your router, you can also lock your router so only you can edit its preferences and settings. Routers also come with built in parental controls and firewall. The router's built in firewall can protect your connected devices from any viral attacks by intruding parties. The built in parental controls can allow you to permit access and limit access to specific websites and content.

    An often overlooked benefit of a router is MAC filtering. This wireless router feature comes standard and can be used to permit specific devises access and deny access from specific devices. Your router can be connected to and accessed from anyplace in your home or office. Using a wireless router can help eliminate the need to have to sit at a desk and allows you to seek a comfortable position from elsewhere in your immediate environment.


    Not only can you use a router for connecting multiple devices in your home, you can also by a personal router for your laptop. This router allows you high speed internet access from anywhere there is availability. For instance, if you are in an area where there are no towers to help allow you internet access, you will not be able to connect wireless via your router. A good way to know if you can gain access is to check your cell phone. If your cell phone has service then your router will also have service.

    There are multiple devices to choose from! You can choose one for your home, one on the go, or both!

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